Mission of the school

"The mission of Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy is to educate disadvantaged children from pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya (and other vulnerable groups) who are not able to access education facilities due to tribal conflicts, poverty and unfavourable cultural practices, and who are on the verge of becoming child soldiers."


Tegla Loroupe Peace Academy comprises of a boarding primary school with plans to set up a secondary school, sports stadium, athletics training camp, health centre and staff quarters.


The Situation

Northern Kenya,Eastern Uganda and several regions in the Horn of Africa are characterised by long drought periods and underdevelopment.The Pokot, Turkana and Karamojong tribes who occupy these regions are pastoralists who often clash over pastureland, water points and raid each other of their livestock.

What is different

The Academy creates a safe environment for children from diverse tribes to learn and develop as equals, providing education, child protection and tolerance.
Our pupils are fed with nutritious food, including milk from our small dairy farm, vegetables and porridge.